Camps på Vejstrup

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We host various camps here at Vejstrup, so there is something for everyone – and you are more than welcome!

  • During the summer holidays you can be part of our GymCamp . The camp usually takes place in late June or starts in July. Here you are divided into either a jumping or dance group, and you can immerse and develop the whole week – all the while you experience a lot of fun and meet many new faces. You can also try our brand new TumblingCamp , where there will be instructors from both the UK and Denmark!
  • Our super cool Girly Camp and Mini Camp will be held in early August, when there is plenty of life, dancing and gymnastics on the program!
  • In the autumn holiday you have the opportunity to join our JuniorCamp . Here you will jump in long courses a day and enjoy a lot in the evening. Also try our brand new, cool ParkourCamp , which is also a great activity in the fall holiday!
  • BoysDay is this year at the end of December – earlier it was in early January, so it varies from year to year. So if you are a boy and want to burn a little gunpowder after a quiet Christmas holiday, then Boys Day is just the thing for you.
  • FaceOff Camp is a brand new camp! It will be held the first time on 8-10. February 2019 – Follow the page for more info.


Højskolevej 49 • 5882 Vejstrup
T. 62 28 10 89
M. vejstrup@vejstrup.dk

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